Lines of business (LOBs) serviced by Teleperformance

  • B2B Direct Sales Delivery
  • Nescafé Sales and Tech Support
  • Nespresso Customer Service

The right solution in record time

Teleperformance was able to convert Nestlé's sales model into a digital-first operation in less than two months, generating 2.5% of Nestle's total monthly domestic sales.

Fully scalable, this intelligent sales model combines the following elements to provide a proven formula for success:

Operational Controls

Proven structure, methodology, policies, and processes ensure a highly productive, reliable, safe, and efficient operation.

Hybrid Operation

Teleperformance combines a work-at-home (70%) and brick-and-mortar (30%) operation, providing flexibility to customer experts with the possibility to fast-ramp additional capacity as needed.

Advanced Sales Training

Teleperformance designed a special neurosales training and practice, adding persuasion techniques and advanced sales strategies to influence the customer emotionally.

Real-time Monitoring

Alerts are generated when something falls outside the established parameters. Tools used for this purpose focus on security, quality, and service capabilities, with real-time monitoring of customer experts, supervisors, and quality assurance activities in work-at-home environments or workstations.

Market Basket Analysis

Intelligent data mining is leveraged to increase sales through a better understanding of customer purchasing patterns. It involves the analysis of large datasets, such as purchase history.

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