Community Guidelines

Participation in our Alumni Network is subject to adherence to these Alumni Guidelines:

  1. The Teleperformance Alumni Network platforms, including the Alumni portal and social media channels, are monitored to ensure the safety and comfort of all users. We reserve the right to take down posts, information, user profiles, and revoke invitations to participate if we deem the content or user does not adhere to community guidelines. Activities that can result in removal of user or content include, but are not limited to:
    • sales pitches
    • self-promotional advertisements
    • unverified outside links that may harm other users, including downloadable content from other websites outside of Teleperformance entities and social media channels
    • promotion of unaffiliated or unapproved events, job and company listings, personal blogs, and such
    • any content intended to mislead, defraud, or infringe on copyrights and other rights of any party
    • harassing, hateful, and demeaning content of any individual or entity
    • any content that divulges company trade secrets and other sensitive, classified information
    • cold-calling and soliciting from other members, as well as sending multiple unsolicited emails or messages
    • political campaigning
    • taking screenshots of private content and communications, and sharing these, without consent of all parties, within private and public platforms
    • any post meant to malign and misrepresent Teleperformance group, its employees, and partners
    • joining our network with the purpose of scouting Teleperformance, its partners, employees, and published materials, to repurpose, pirate, and other similar acts
    • copying, sharing, releasing, and selling private information of other users


  1. Our platforms are to be used exclusively for connecting, communication, sharing exclusive and relevant content, and sustaining professional relationships.


  1. Teleperformance Group and Teleperformance Alumni Network will not sell and use your information apart from its intended use. By signing up to the alumni network, you acknowledge and agree to receive occasional alumni marketing content from us, such as invitations to participate in events or initiatives, newsletters, targeted promotional materials for alumni spotlight and invites, and more. Storage of your information will only be during the universally permitted time frame upon your exit of the alumni program.


  1. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, republishing, uploading, downloading, posting, transmitting or duplicating any of the Teleperformance Alumni Network material is prohibited.
    • Written content from Teleperformance and other partners is required to share exclusive content, user information, and contact details.
    • Resharing posts and blogs from our social media channels and Teleperformance platforms are allowed, as long as the URL link, webpage, and main content remains intact and untampered, especially for commercial use.


  1. We will not tolerate disrespectful and vulgar users to remain on any of our platforms.
    • We prohibit the use of strong, hateful, and libelous language.
    • We do not allow content pertaining to politics, misogyny, racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, xenophobia, pornography; and any form of violence and abuse, including ableism, other forms of oppression and discrimination.
    • Please include trigger warnings to your posts where necessary.


  1. Teleperformance Group and Teleperformance Alumni Network do not make representations about the suitability, accuracy, reliability, completeness, legality or timeliness of this or any other information contained in our online platforms.


  1. Users who wish to leave the Teleperformance Alumni Network program, including the portal and social media channels, can do so freely by contacting us at




Please note that the Teleperformance Alumni Network may change policies guidelines without prior notice. Your continued use of the site constitutes your agreement to comply with such modifications. You should review the policies periodically to ensure that you are familiar with them. Read our Legal Terms and Code and Policies.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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