Valuing diversity

Connecting with people is what we do. To do it right, we must champion diversity, equity and inclusion in every interaction. It’s how we honor the unique perspectives and identities of our customers and colleagues. It's the foundation of our inclusive culture, where all voices are heard, valued and respected. Our commitment to diversity strengthens our connections to deliver meaningful results and shape a more equitable world.

Positive Impact

Gender diversity

Driving gender balance and equity

Creating an equal balance among our workforce in general and managerial positions in particular has been a top priority. Included is our commitment to consistent compensation that rewards people on individual and collective performance. We’re making progress, and our results are showing with numbers that put us ahead in our industry.  

TP Women

Women at Teleperformance

This global initiative is:

• Driving a more gender-diverse workforce
• Creating a gender-sensitive leadership culture
• Accelerating the promotion of women

Our LGBTQ+ community

Going beyond labels to support all forms of expression

Diversity and inclusion are essential to maintaining a powerful, cohesive team. We empower our LGBTQ+ communities to raise their voices – and others to hear and respect them – as we celebrate each unique person in our global family.  

Focusing on ethnic diversity

Turning differences into strengths

Ethnic groups within Teleperformance give individuals a voice and a chance to share ideas to combat discrimination and intolerance.  

Positive Impact

Hear from some members of our LatinX@TP group