Strengthen loyalty

Connect with customers using AI-powered retail services

Help your customers move seamlessly through their purchasing journey — whether virtual or online — with services that enhance your reputation and increase loyalty. 

Retail and e-commerce

Teleperformance and TrendzOwl join forces to examine current and emerging trends in retail and e-commerce.

Trend report: Keeping Pace with the Ever-Changing Consumer

What are the latest and emerging trends across the retail and e-commerce space? In this report, TrendzOwl and Teleperformance team up to explore opportunities to increase competitiveness. Learn their strategies for overcoming critical business challenges that threaten brands — both old and new — throughout this sector. 


Power customized e-commerce support services across all channels with insights from our brand loyalty experts.

Improve everything from sales to delivery and recall management, including: 

  • Customer acquisition 
  • Relationship management 
  • Campaigns 
  • Collections 

Strengthen results through:

  • Pricing management 
  • Promotion planning and management 
  • Detailed analytics, including customer profitability and spend 

Streamline and transform processes across customer and seller lifecycles using:

  •  Lean Six Sigma
  •  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) intervention
  •  Other specialized tools

Real results

See how Grubhub built work-at-home success — and KPI improvements — before, during and after COVID-19

Grubhub understood how a customer experience expert like Teleperformance could help them deliver effective, efficient, and meaningful customer interactions. To address staffing challenges during peak hours, the team piloted flexible work-at-home solutions to complement site-based staff. The goal was to increase worker satisfaction and improve the customer experience. Grubhub permanently adopted this work-at-home model after seeing a 50% reduction in attrition, a 6.5% increase in customer satisfaction scores, and jumps in key performance indicators across the board.  

Creating a better — and more targeted — shopping experience

Is it time to redesign your customers’ retail journey to address and even anticipate their ever-evolving needs? With an increasing number of online shoppers seeking digital channels, businesses must deliver connected, seamless, and intelligent experiences throughout the entire buying process. Teleperformance can make it happen. 

The impact

Client results that speak for themselves

Increase your knowledge

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