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Speaking to people in their language increases understanding, engagement, and satisfaction. With StoryfAI, you can automate written and spoken translations in 140+ languages and reduce interaction time by 30% or more.

Deliver exceptional service

StoryfAI translates conversations in real-time, interprets emotions, understands linguistic patterns, and checks for grammar and spelling. StoryfAI augments live customer expert support to increase productivity, so you can deliver a more culturally appropriate, customer-focused experience.

  • Translate conversations in real-time.
  • Support clients 24/7 regardless of location or communication channel.
  • Respond faster when clients need you the most.
  • Choose from multiple digital and voice interaction options.
  • Operate cost-effectively.
  • Improve multiple key performance indicators (KPIs) with one unique solution.

  • Machine Translation
  • Language detection
  • Spelling and grammar checker

  • Capture text via speech
  • Complete real-time audio transcription
  • Upload files for audio transcription
  • Predefined Custom Scripts

  • Tone and mood detection
  • Profanity checks
  • Custom glossaries
  • Opinion mining
  • Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Get started quickly and easily

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Ensure timely response with one stand-alone solution and multiple features, including speech-to-text and real-time audio transcription

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Standardize language levels and multilingual conversations across regions

Activation options include a web standalone environment or API integration with client applications

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SaaS Model provides a self-service management console

StoryfAI is driving big results for our clients

Up to

savings in translation costs

  Accuracy across five machine translation engines, with increased accuracy as part of our quality assessment processes  


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