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Teleperformance’s Cloud Campus work-at-home model has an innovative approach that is matched with advanced technology. It supports remote workers with everything from virtual recruiting and training to automated business processes and comprehensive security measures. Centralized Cloud Campus Hubs keep employees motivated, productive, and connected.

Teleperformance Cloud Campus

Make your business run faster, simpler, and safer with a customized Cloud Campus Hub

Our cloud-based hubs supercharge business performance. They’re a welcoming place to meet with your dedicated TP teams, wherever they may be. And you can enter these safe and secure hubs with confidence, knowing they’re backed by the most advanced technology. This ensures the highest standards for quality, security, and operational excellence – meeting or exceeding most brick-and-mortar models.

Cloud-savvy companies reap multiple rewards

Cloud-savvy companies reap multiple rewards

Samsung: An effective formula for continuous customer care success

decrease in attrition

reduction in cost-per-contact

Maurices: A Partnership Driven by Performance

Consistant K-SAT rating of 10

reduction in attrition

A work-at-home model helps the environment

While the work-at-home model helps your employees, clients, and business, you’ll also be doing good things for the planet.  Teleperformance tested our work-at-home solutions with several of our employees during the pandemic.  The numbers were impressive and the impact on the environment we saw in just one year was significant.  As a result, more Teleperformance employees are working from home than ever before. 

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The future of remote work

With remote work options being in demand, we asked the experts to talk about where we are, where we’re headed and how companies can attract and retain top talent. The host of this talk is Mamta Rodrigues, Teleperformance is Global President of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance. Her expert guests are Fabio Luis, Head of Teleperformance is Work-at-Home Solutions, and Frances J. Milliken, professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, New York University.

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