Teleperformance and Amazon Web Services

Offer customized support at every customer journey touchpoint

Execute an agile deployment lifecycle from design and testing to optimal implementation and management. Leverage the power of the cloud to unleash the essential functionalities of a contact center in managing various inbound and outbound voice and customer engagement digital channels.

A unique and harmonious collaboration

Teleperformance and Amazon Web Services (AWS) combine market-leading technologies, in-depth knowledge of legacy infrastructure, and extensive expertise to solve the client's most pressing business challenges and promote growth. By fusing the latest technologies with human innovation, we offer a combined, distinctive, and aligned execution, developing mature accelerators, delivery tools, and methodologies to handle the client's most complex problems.

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Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Achieve high business efficiency with Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center service that empowers businesses to achieve greater efficiencies. Deliver exceptional omnichannel and customer experiences that are human, dynamic, and personalized.

Overcome contact center infrastructure challenges

Implement best-in-class omnichannel contact center solutions

Whether you are discovering Amazon Connect for the first time looking to migrate your production contact center to the cloud, or hoping to level up your customer care with Amazon Lex or other AWS services, we provide a variety of services fit for your needs.

Personalized experiences

All-in one cloud customer engagement platform

Teleperformance’s advanced, all-in-one cloud customer engagement platform is designed for omnichannel interactions, supporting a real-time, single view of the customer. It goes beyond its core capabilities to include:

TP Protect

Real-time floor management, call and emotion analysis, reporting and fraud monitoring

TP Recommender

AI/machine learning-enabled recommendation engine, focused on enhancing CX

TP Interact

Interaction analytics for structured and unstructured data across different channels, voice or non-voice

TP Client

A versatile omnichannel customer interaction management and workflow solution

Amazon Connect: Delivering real value to customers

Reduced call volume routing by up to 24%

Reduced system administrator effort by up to 60%

Shortened AHT by up to 15%

Reduced supervisor effort by up to 20%

Reduced training time by one week

Reduced subcription and usage costs by 31%

Transform your business into a scalable platform for growth

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