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Reflecting on the For Fun Festival 2023

The Fun Festival (FFF) 2023 was an extraordinary global event, bringing together our nearly 500,000-strong workforce for an unforgettable celebration. This year was special as it marked the debut of our official jingle and saw the participation of Romero Britto, the founder of the Happy Art movement, who endorsed the festival. Our musical guest for 2023 was the fantastic composer and singer Giana Althaus, who performed and composed the FFF jingle in the Music category. We also had the pleasure of hosting Let Happen, a talented dancer known for her viral dance videos on TikTok, whose dynamic performances added an exciting flair to the festival. Over seven months of continuous fun and engagement, FFF 2023 provided the perfect stage for our participants to showcase their creativity in music, art, and dance. It was a celebration of talent and excitement, fostering a sense of unity and joy across our global community. As we eagerly anticipate FFF 2024, we are excited about the new memories and experiences it will bring. The spirit of fun and creativity continues to thrive, and we can't wait to see what's in store. The fun will go on!

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FFF 2023 highlights

Look back at FFF 2023’s greatest hits, featuring amazing talent:

Remembering our past FFF ambassadors

Join us as we celebrate the incredible ambassadors of the FFF 2023.
These remarkable individuals brought their unique talents and passion to the festival, leaving a lasting impact on our community.

Let your talent shine

FFF 2023

Every year, Teleperformance’s talent competition FFF brings everyone together in the spirit of fun and camaraderie!

FFF celebrates and recognizes creativity and artistry in these categories: Art, Music, and Dance.

The festival is only open to Teleperformance employees. But everyone is invited to cheer for the participants and engage!

Isabella wants you to show off your talent! 

Isabella is waiting for you to show the world what you can do and express yourself while spreading happiness all around through the For Fun Festival 2023! Stay tuned!

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