A Brighter Career Awaits You at Teleperformance

A Brighter Career Awaits You at Teleperformance

Teleperformance - 09.25.2023

Tomorrow is full of potential, with new challenges to navigate, greater things to learn, and a wider avenue for you to grow. Do you want to take a step towards a future full of boundless possibilities? You’re at the right place. Welcome to Teleperformance!

Fast Facts about TP, a Global Digital Business Services Company

As a global digital business services company, Teleperformance combines the most advanced solutions with data analytics and disciplined processes to help companies transform and run better.  We help organizations adapt to change and master the future.


Fueled by over 410,000 employees globally, Teleperformance is proud to be the home of inspired and passionate people for over four decades. With a vast global scale and local presence, our teams are always inspired to be the best to be a force of good in supporting communities, clients, and the environment. Present in over 90 countries, we serve 170 countries and provide services in more than 300 languages and dialects. Valuing flexibility, around 50% of our total workforce work remotely. To date, 97% of our employees continue to work at a Great Place to Work®-certified site.


What Exactly Do We Do and Offer?

Teleperformance provides a comprehensive, AI-powered service portfolio from front-office customer care to back-office functions, including Trust and Safety Services that help defend both online users and brand reputation. We also offer a range of specialized services such as Collections, Translation and Localization, Visa and Consular Services, and Recruitment Services.


Our high-tech, high-touch approach strikes the right balance between the latest technologies and human empathy. At the end of the day, we make people’s lives simpler, faster, and safer.


Excelling in Employee Engagement

We continue to create the coolest and most fun workspaces for our employees, always ensuring their safety and happiness. We form great connections with our employees, leading to good conversations. Then, fruitful collaborations. From there, growth. And finally, trust—which is something that is priceless. And it all starts with hiring the right people who share our values of integrity, respect, professionalism, innovation, and commitment.

Constant collaboration is always important, which is why we focus on organizing activities and initiatives that bring everyone together. From team buildings to games, we are all in in creating a fun and engaging environment for our employees.

We’re always a step ahead when it comes to leveraging the latest innovations and trends. We’re one of the earliest companies who took the lead on the metaverse. This year, we were very excited to launch the Teleperformance Headquarters exclusively in the metaverse. Feel free to check out our previous events that took place in Decentraland: Pride Parade and our annual talent competition For Fun Festival.


Furthermore, our eSports gaming arenas in Portugal and Brazil are a haven for our employees who love gaming. Come take a look!


At Teleperformance, we are all about forging a stable path for our employees to grow, to develop, and to excel. Are you ready to take your career to greater heights? Join Teleperformance today. Apply now.

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