Celebrating Solidarity: International Day of Human Fraternity

Teleperformance - 02.03.2022

At Teleperformance, we are brought together by a firm belief that our differences make us stronger. We grow by celebrating, understanding, and empowering the many differences of our people. We remain united against any form of intolerance to strengthen our commitment to acceptance and solidarity in order to inspire one another. With this, we join the whole world in observance of International Day of Human Fraternity on February 4, declared by the United Nations in December 2020 to promote cultural tolerance, acceptance, mutual respect, and understanding.


As diversity, equity, and inclusion glue us all together, our passion for making a positive impact continues to be reignited with each passing year. Our impact sourcing program changed thousands of lives for the better, with tens of thousands people from minority groups and disadvantaged communities gaining employment.  In 2020, we welcomed 85,000 people for their first-ever job experience. 52% of our globally diverse workforce are women,  fortifying our pledge to gender equality and equal opportunities.

United in Changing the World… for the Better


Thanks to the generosity and dedication shown by our employees around the world, we are able to go the distance in embracing inclusion and practicing solidarity in order to change the world for the better. Through Teleperformance’s Citizen of the World (COTW) initiatives, we are able to make a positive impact, one step at a time. Here are five COTW initiatives that exemplify Teleperformance’s commitment to becoming advocates for change:

Teleperformance in Brazil

Teleperformance in Brazil has partnered with ONG ADUS to create a refugee mentorship program. The program featured our very own employees, who volunteered to offer mentorship and training to refugees seeking employment in the Brazilian labor market. The program ran for five months, reaching a total of eight sessions. These sessions served as an avenue for our volunteers to help the refugees gain insights on how to search for a job and how to prepare for an interview. In addition, the mentorship program also became a platform for the refugees to share their experiences of what it means to be a refugee.


This program strengthened the culture of volunteering at Teleperformance through the mobilization and engagement of our very own employees, who were willing to participate in social change. It also inspired the mentees as they start planning their professional and educational path towards a future of decent work, broadening their opportunities and accelerating the process of social and labor integration.

Teleperformance in Mexico

Teleperformance in Mexico launched a clothing donation drive for children and adults who belong to vulnerable groups. Our teams in Teleperformance in Mexico received 1,965 items that were donated to the largest shelter for migrants and refugees in vulnerable situations.


This COTW initiative was a partnership between Teleperformance in Mexico and FM4 Paso Libre (Dignity and Justice on the AC Road), a non-profit organization dedicated to the defense and promotion of human rights of migrants and refugees through comprehensive humanitarian assistance, advocacy, and research in western Mexico.

TP Tunisia

Teleperformance in Greece

Staying true to its commitment to support and create a positive impact on local communities, Teleperformance in Greece has partnered with the social kitchen Friends of the Other Human to build "Home of Humanity.” The initiative supported a donation of the amount required to renovate the existing facilities and to cover the rental costs for a period of two years.


The "Home of Humanity" will house activities to be held for vulnerable groups, including the provision of food items and basic necessities, services for employment integration, and social integration of the homeless. More than 200 people will be benefited and supported on a daily basis.


Teleperformance in South Africa

Teleperformance in South Africa conducted a leadership session together with Girls Leading Change, where our volunteers shared motivational messages to young women. In addition, our teams provided masks, hygiene products, and toiletries.


School Donation TP UK Stationary
“Leadership is one of the qualities that is lacking in the lives of many young women. Young women deserve to have a seat at the table regardless of their ethnicity, race, or background. Besides teenage pregnancies, our community continues to witness many students dropping out of high school, and young women coming from abusive homes and women who live in unemployment. Girls Leading Change is a great organization as they address the circumstances many of our young South African women grow up in. The organization also builds a long-term relationship with these young women to mentor them and guide them on their future aspirations.”

-- Haroldene De Jager, Employee Engagement Coordinator at Teleperformance in South Africa


Teleperformance in the USA

Partnering with Granite Education Foundation, Teleperformance in the USA volunteered to build 2,411 weekend meal kits for children, primarily refugees. Many children depend on school to provide meals during the week while struggling with hunger on the weekends. Watch the video and learn how our teams contributed to bridge the gap of hunger:


Click here to read about how we drive inclusion and acceptance. Learn how our Citizen of the World initiatives have helped make the world a better place for all.

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