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TP Women is a global initiative that combats the traditional challenges faced by women in the workplace. We live our values by promoting gender awareness, equality and empowerment. By elevating discussions on issues and opportunities, we’re driving positive change in our industry and around the world. Join us on the journey; together we can make a real difference.

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Could you be contributing to gender inequity?

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Supporting equal opportunity and participation at all levels

TP Women is all about maintaining an equal gender distribution at all levels of the workforce and increasing the proportion of women in Teleperformance’s governing bodies. See how we’re doing.

Inclusion for all

Creating the foundation for success

We amplify women’s voices and inspire inclusion to give them the power they deserve. We take time to celebrate their remarkable contributions within and beyond our company. Programs and initiatives that offer women equal opportunities and professional development benefit us all. And it takes all of us to create a culture where women’s voices are heard and valued.

• Establish high-level corporate leadership and accountability for gender equity

• Achieve gender equality through initiatives and advocacy

• Measure and report publicly on progress

Provide internal training on implicit bias and gender issues for men and women.

Promote education, training, and professional development for women.

Treat all women and men fairly at work and ensure the safety and well-being of all workers.

Unlocking the Potential of Women: how leadership is achieving a gender-inclusive future

Get insights from Charlotte Foucteau, CEO of Teleperformance in Greece and Dekyl Boorsma, Director of Customer Service EMEA of Netflix, in Athens.

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This latest campaign recognizes the contribution of women who are leading the way towards a better tomorrow for us all.

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TP She Talks

Tuning into more inspiring stories

Be inspired by these 45-minute conversations with several female executives. Learn their life stories, their career journey and achievements.

Empowering & Celebrating Women
Empowering & Celebrating Women
Empowering & Celebrating Women

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Members of the TP Women Board mentor high-potential female talent and help them access more senior roles with company. Meet our board members.

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