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Trainning FAQs

If the training lasts for more than 15 days, payment will be made in two tranches, one at the end of the second week and the remaining amount after 10 working days after the training ends and the contract is signed.

  • If the contract is TP or My Seguros will have a duration of 12 months and a renewal of another 12 months.
  • If the contract is EMP or PSTEP, will have a duration of 4 months and 5 renewals for another 4 months.
  • The maximum duration of the contract is 2 years.

  • In the year of signing the contract, will be entitled to proportional vacation days for the months worked (2 day per month if work the full month).
  • In the following years will be entitled to 22 days of vacation per calendar year.

  • The payment of the signing bonus is made according to the information agreed between the Recruitment and the trainee in the beginning.
  • The amounts will be visible on the payslip and with taxes.

When there is a departure from the apartment, the checkout must be carried out in person with the Welcome and Support team. After the check, the team will inform the DAF of the step change so that the salary update can be carried out with.

The shift allowance is different whether the hours are worked during the night (00:00 to 07:00) or outside these hours. The PT labor law only demands that the hours worked after 10pm until 07am are paid with an increment of 25%. Historically, TP has chosen to pay more than that amount during night hours (50%).

  • If the contract is TP or My Seguros can be choose the payment of the bonus (Christmas and Vacations) in twelfth or annually.
  • If the contract is EMP or PSTEP is mandatory to receive in twelfth due to the duration of the contract.

  • The initial flight is always refunded after 9 months of contract.
  • If agreed with the recruitment in the initial phase, it can be reimbursed after the contract is signed.

Employee Experience

Front Office FAQs

  • All the absences and delays must be justified within 5 days presenting the proof who states the data and period of absence to justify.
  • Among others that may exist in special legislation, the Labor Law considers the following absences as paid, if they are properly justified.

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  • In myHR it is possible to check the availability for a specific day.
  • According to the law, the employee must book, at least 10 consecutive business days of vacation

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  • Salary is always paid in the last working day of the month and the payslip will be sent to personal email.
  • Exception for contract signing after the third Sunday of the month, in this case will receive in reprocessing.

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  • Your work schedules are available in myHR, in Schedules > My schedule.
  • Adaptability means the possibility to define, by agreement, a period of work in average terms.

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  • In an emergency case, you can use European Emergency Number: 112.
  • Or in other cases Linha Saúde 24 808 24 24 24
  • You will subscribe to the Private Health Insurance, once you sign your Work Contract.

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  • When you sign the contract/addendum, you will be able to download from the website the contract/addendum and the signature Certificate.
  • To resign the contract must be given 15, 30 or 60 days of pre waring (check with EE FO).
  • To not renew the contract must be given 8 days of pre notice.

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  • You should send an email or call the Employee Experience within a maximum period of 24 to 48h and inform all the circumstances of the accident.
  • The insurance company will pay the expenses (as long as you are entitled to the payment). You must indicate the work policy number (available on your payslip).

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  • Whenever there is a need to travel to the site for reasons of exchange or collection/delivery of equipment’s with approval from project, invoices must be provided.
  • Annual flight refund after one year of contract and if eligible.
  • All the process will be done through Travel Store Agency.

You can gather more information through Employee Experience Channels.