TP Global Support Line

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From Portugal

800 100 045

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International Access

+351 21 158 23 09

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EN Whatsapp Chat

+351 91 224 53 49

IT Force Chat

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Whatsapp PT

+57 300 893 7608

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Whatsapp EN

+57 300 893 8058

Helpdesk Options

Bad Quality Sound

This is to be used for Inbound/Outbound calls if the CSRs/customer cannot hear properly (ex: Citrix voice Issues, Altitude Voice Issues, cuts, to soft, robotic voice, etc.).

Hardware Issues

Problems with PC components from TP.

Internet Issues

Internet Connection is poor and CSRs cannot access to TP systems on site, TP apartments or with TP routers.

Login Issues

Trouble in login into the system (e.g. VPN, MFA, VDI/Citrix).

Software Issues

Problems with applications managed by TP in VPN/VDI (e.g. Softphone/Altitude Issues, Avaya Issues, access folders, shortcuts, VDI/Citrix functionality, WAHA-SRW access, no sound inside of VDI, etc.).