Teleperformance Group Data Privacy Policy

TP Companies acting as Data Controllers Process your Personal Data for business-related
purposes. The categories of Data Subjects and Personal Data and the purposes of Processing
include, without being limited to, the following:

Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy of Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, Quality, Information Security, Personal Data Protection, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

At TP, a leading multinational company in innovation, technology, and development, we always offer an exceptional experience, the result of our passion and dedication to excellence. We are committed to:

Environmental policy

Teleperformance provides an integrated range of business functions, customer channels and contact media.

Code of ethics

The objectives of this Code are to define the rules, conduct, actions, behavior and relationship that we shall adopt.

Health and safety policy

The aim of Health and Safety (“H&S”) in the workplace is to reduce the risk of our employees being harmed by work and to diminish work-related illness by providing a safe working environment.

Human rights statement

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Teleperformance respects and supports human rights throughout its operations and business activities and is committed to avoid complicity in human rights abuse.

Supplier Code of Conduct

This policy sets the global standards and expectations as to how we and our suppliers conduct ourselves. The policy includes a set of guidelines.

Tax Statement

Teleperformance in UK operates a tax risk management register to identify and address any weaknesses identified in its information systems. This is regularly monitored by the company and is subject to a detailed annual review.

Policy Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The Global Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement expresses our stance on the importance of diversity and inclusion for our people and to the business. It states our commitment to intentionally seek out diversity and nurture a culture of inclusion in every day actions and interactions. Lastly, it’s a reminder and a call-to-action to everyone that the climate of respect and equality is a responsibility that we all share.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The purpose of this Diversity & Inclusion Policy is to provide guidelines to ensure that the companies of Teleperformance Group implement and enforce policies and procedures that effectuate their commitment to equal employment opportunities, nondiscrimination, diversity and inclusion, and, where applicable, affirmative action programs for all candidates and employees, as well as equal employment advancement opportunities for employees.

Teleperformance Global Ethics Hotline Policy

This Global Ethics Hotline Policy applies to the Teleperformance group of companies, subject to specific terms and provisions described in any addenda approved for a particular country due to applicable local laws and regulations.

Code of Conduct (Anticorruption)

Teleperformance adheres to the U.N. Global Compact, a United Nations initiative created to encourage companies to adopt a socially responsible attitude by committing to promote principles relating to human rights, international labor standards and anti-corruption, and to integrate those principles into their practices.

Policy Information Security

The guidelines of this policy are mandatory for all Teleperformance Guyana, including direct and indirect employees, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, who provide support to the organization both from physical facilities and from teleworking.